About Me

I am an IIM graduate and a former technology product manager who developed fascination for the stars. My father’s beliefs in Vastu and Astrology sparked my curiosity about this mysterious field. Despite having an engineering degree, an MBA, and a decade of corporate experience, the desire to unfold this divine science was always alive.

There came a moment of change in life and with the blessing of Almighty and my Guru, astrology opened up a deep sea of wisdom for me to dive into.

Though goodbyes are always difficult but hope to explore something more meaningful and more fulfilling, keeps us going.  I left my corporate role with mixed feelings. It was not an easy decision, but it was the right one for me. I have since dedicated my full time and devotion to learning and practicing these subjects.

 I have acquired multiple certification courses to learn  different kinds of Indian Astrology, including Vedic Astrology, Divisional Charts, Krishnamurthy Paditi,  Lal Kitab,  Astro Vaastu, Karma Alignment Technique, Hit Theory, Prashana Shastra and Jaimini Astrology. I have also studied and practiced Vastu – an Indian science of Home Building, to create harmony in home environment. In addition, I have acquired knowledge of numerology.  

I am also passionate about helping others, and I find great satisfaction in providing astrological guidance. This thirst for knowledge is never ending and I am committed to lifelong learning and self-improvement.

I am excited to continue my journey in the field of Astrology and Vastu. I believe that these subjects have the power to help people understand themselves and their lives better. I am committed to using my knowledge to make a positive impact on the lives of others.