Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple ways to answer the same question. Depending on how accurately you can provide me your details, I will decide which method to use. So, minimum information I would need is only your question and maximum is your Time of birth, place of birth, Date of birth, your hands clear picture and your home plan for Vastu consultation.

We need your Place of birth (City, state and country), Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy), Time of birth (HH:MM).

If your birth time is incorrect by few minutes, I will first rectify your birth time though the events that have already happened in your life. After birth time rectification, your chart can easily be analyzed for future course of action.

Astrology is a divine science to guide us all. Your Date and time of birth is not a barrier to seeking guidance from the stars. There are multiple ways to help answer all your queries.

Astrology is based on KARMA theory. Our destiny is interlinked with the people in our surrounding. You can ask about any of your blood relatives from your birth details. This science can be further extended to people who are not our blood relatives. But as we move farther in the chain, the results can get diluted.